get you on a bike
Whatever it takes, we just want you on one...

1) Urbana
You can purchase one of our very own En Fuego Cycles Urbana bikes.  A bike that can serve as your primary year round form of transportation, a weekend cruiser or road bike and adventure rig all in one - all in a customizeable process starting at $800.

It all starts with a frame that is adaptable to your needs - rim brakes, disc brakes, derailleurs, 1x, single speed, skinny tires, fat tires, racks, fenders - whatever you are looking for, we'll make it happen.  Accepts up to 700 x 48c wide tires without fenders.  Heck, you could throw on 1.9 inch knobbies if you wanted.  It also has eyelets for fenders and racks.

To make it easy for you, you can select one of the complete packages below, or customize however you want and we will adjust the price accordingly.

Urbana 7-Speed $900
This is our externally geared urban cruiser with 7 gears, disc brakes and wide comfy 40 mm tires.

Urbana 8-Speed $1100
Swap out the 7-speed rear derailleur for a low maintenance weather resistant 8 speed internally geared hub.  

Urbana Premium $2500
This is our dream bike.  Everything you need and nothing you don't.  8-speed internally geared hub, disc brakes, drop handlebars, 650b wheels to accomodate 42 mm wide tires with fenders, integrated pedal-powered (dynamo) lights.  Take it to work, take it on country roads, take it across the country.  Upgrade to the Urbana Rando for an additional $400 to add on front randonneur rack, decaleur and front randonneur bag by Swift Industries.  Can add rear rack for $50 to any build. 

Sizes ( click to see frame measurements)
X-small 46 cm
Small 50 cm
Medium 54 cm 
Large 58 cm
X-Large 60 cm

2)  Refurb
You want to start riding a bike more.  You don't want to spend a lot on a new bike.  Your uncle's old schwinn has been sitting in your basement collecting dust but the tires are flat, the gears don't shift well and the chain is rusted.  Bring it to us and we will make it new again from $200 depending on project needs.  Also, check out our used bikes for sale page for already refurbished/recycled bikes looking for a new home.

3)  Craigslist
You're looking for a new ride, you're budget is under $400, but you don't even know where to begin when scanning Craigslist.  Don't fret - we'll do it for you!  We know the bike industry well and know what is a reasonable price for a used bike.  We will help you pin down what you are looking for in a bike and buy the complete bike or frame on Craigslist, build it and tune it for you within whatever budget you have. 

4)  Bike Find Consult
If you don't have a need for a mechanic just yet, are looking to buy a bike online or some other avenue other than us, and aren't quite sure where to start, we are happy to help you navigate the process.  $30 flat fee no matter what the cost of the bike.   

5)  Dream Bike
We realize our dream bike very likely is not your dream bike.  Maybe you are looking to build a super lightweight carbon fiber racing machine.  Or a full suspension mountain bike.  Perhaps there is a Trek or Surly frame that caught your eye, but you want a different setup than what the retail store is offering.  We ride road, touring, mountain, gravel and cyclocross bikes and race bikes so have in depth knowledge on all different bike builds.  We will source the frame and components to make your dream a reality.  Pricing determined by project needs.