about us
We love bicycles.  Period.  We believe bicycles are an incredible vehicle for beautifying and improving the health of our world.  

We strive to keep you riding with a smile on your face.  We know that starts with us keeping a smile on our face.  We also know that bike shops can be intimidating, but they shouldn't be.  No question is a stupid question here at En Fuego Cycles and we are happy to teach and give advice.  We do tunes, repairs and full builds for all types of bicycles. 

Since we do not have a physical store front, we aim to keep it convenient for you.  Our repair facilities span the metro area with locations in Northeast Park Hill and Hampden South near DTC.  You can drop off at either location or we can pick up wherever you are. 

We get our inspiration from the great outdoors.  This is a bike shop website + a little more.  Check out our blog about our adventures under the sky and our thoughts about bicycles. 

Have a great day and ride on. 

- Ben and Matt
Meet The Team
Ben Kirkley
Ben is obsessed with bicycles.  He loves riding, ogling, racing, and working on them.  All of them.  He has a particular interest in rare vintage finds and will stop at nothing to make sure the bike turns out just right, even if it means tracking down a part from a small village in Greece on eBay or fabricating the part himself.  He also carries an unrivaled knowledge of man buns.  He can be seen riding around town in brightly colored spandex...and pretty much brightly colored everything.  
Matt Simpson
Matt is an android, so naturally he likes other machines, especially bikes.  As are most androids, he is a science buff and his strong background in physics and engineering made for a natural transition from working on cars with his father as a young android child to fixing and building bikes when he got older.  He can be seen cruising around town on his beautiful vintage Peugeot 10-speed or sipping precisely brewed coffee (android fuel).